This section of NEMA provides daily and emergency technical support for the entire agency as well as others in the SEOC (State Emergency Operations Center) and on scene during an incident.

Information Technology

Information Technology support includes computers and peripheral equipment, software needs, networks, radios and telecommunications.


The communications section is assisting in the development and implementation of a statewide interoperable Public Safety Wireless Communications system. The major objective of this project is to continue the build out of the Nebraska Interoperable Communications System to ensure effective and transparent capabilities in all areas of the State.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS capabilities includes providing spatial data and mapping to federal, state, and local agencies daily or during an emergency. NEMA is a member of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission - GIS Council which works to emphasize cooperation and coordination among agencies, organizations, and government entities.


The cybersecurity section provides information and training to NEMA and the local emergency managers. With the rise in cyber crimes, this section is bringing awareness about how to stay safe online, while at work or at home. Staying vigilant about cybersecurity protects everyone in a virtual world.

All parts of the IT/Commo/Cyber unit are utilized extensively during any exercise or event. When the EOC is activated, this section supports radio, telephone, mapping, computer setup, and troubleshooting for NEMA staff and other agency staff, when called in to work the event.

The IT/Commo/Cyber staff are used in the field to assist in the setup of NEMA’s Mobile Operations Center (MOC) during an event, as well as communication support. The unit supports local emergency managers when requested.