Updated March 12, 2018

It shall be the policy of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency to teach to the Emergency Management Profession, reinforcing the concept of professionalism and pride, not only for jurisdictional Emergency Managers, but also for those tasked with emergency management activities within a state agency. The focus of the Basic Academy will be to deliver the essential knowledge and skills needed to become a successful Emergency Management Professional.

The Nebraska Basic Certification will be a two day capstone delivery at least once a year, usually in the fall.

When completed, this level of certification will meet all conditions for Emergency Management Certification as required under the provisions of the Nebraska Emergency Management Act. It includes independent study and resident instruction. Any training other than that offered by Nebraska Emergency Management Agency or the FEMA Emergency Management Insitute (EMI) will not be accepted for credit for certification. Personnel desiring basic emergency management certification must attend all required training and successfully complete individual course requirements.

The following comprise the Nebraska Emergency Management Basic Certification Program.

The below listed independent study courses are mandatory course prerequisites prior to enrollment in the Basic Certification Capstone and those certificates of completion must be submitted to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Training and Exercise section prior to the beginning of the capstone. Registrations must be submitted 14 days prior to the start of class.

The two day capstone of instruction will consist of;

Preparedness Block

  • Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP)
  • State Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP)

Response Block

  • Utilization of Incident Management Teams (IMT) in Nebraska
  • Public Information Officer (PIO) and Social Media
  • G-191 Incident Command System (ICS) & Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Interface

Recovery Block

  • Public and Individual Assistance
  • Hazard Mitigation

Emergency Manager Panel Discussion

Knowledge Assessment and Conclusion

Individuals who complete the IS Course pre-requisites and the Basic Capstone course will receive Nebraska Basic Emergency Manager Certification.