Vista Trend Fire Afternoon Update, 9/17

RELEASE DATE: Oct 21, 2021

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The Vista Trend fire is being managed under a Unified Command with several agencies monitoring the fire.

Today firefighters used direct and indirect tactics to secure the fires edge. Forward progress has been stopped, however the perimeter still contains heat. Due to better mapping through rough terrain and flights, the fire is at 2,700 acres and 80% contained.

One UH60 with a 600 gallon bucket arrived today and another will arrive tomorrow. Aerial suppression will be used in rough terrain to cool areas close to the fires edge.

Working with the sheriff, residents along Derringer Road and Rifle Sight Road may return to their homes as the evacuation has been lifted. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have called. Road closures are still in effect.

This fire has impacted energy infrastructure, causing damage to several distribution structures. It continues to pose a risk to cultural assets and agriculture infrastructure.

Firefighters will continue to improve fire lines along the East and North East perimeters. As firefighters continue to work, please be reminded to stay clear of the area. Due to the current drought, road systems have become very unstable.