Lt. Governor’s Be Prepared Awards Recognize Volunteers and Communities

RELEASE DATE: Sep 19, 2019

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Lincoln, Neb. — On Sept. 18, Lt. Gov. Mike Foley presented this year’s Be Prepared Awards, recognizing volunteers and community organizations for excellence in emergency preparedness and disaster response. He was joined by Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Assistant Director Bryan Tuma and Preparedness Section Manager Sean Runge and Nebraska Citizen Corps Coordinator Quinn Lewandowski to present nine emergency preparedness awards.

Presented during National Preparedness Month, the Be Prepared Awards program is in its 12th year of honoring Nebraskans who volunteer their time and energy to support preparedness in Nebraska communities. The awards are sponsored by the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency in partnership with the Nebraska Citizen Corps Program and the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center.

“Even though September is recognized as national Preparedness Month, the Nebraskans being honored here today understand the necessity of being prepared year-round,” Lt. Gov. Foley said. “Their commitment to preparedness helps ensure our communities are able to recover from disasters or emergencies.”

“This year Nebraska called upon many of today’s awardees to be the definition Nebraska Strong,” said Lewandowski. “Their efforts to volunteer to promote whole-community preparedness, as well as their response when called upon in Nebraska’s times of need in 2019 showed the nation just how strong and resilient our great state is.”

Awardees included:

Bill Montz of Lincoln received the Local Hero Award, recognizing extraordinary service and leadership. Bill used his experience as a Medical Reserve Corps member, former fighter and medic to help save the lives of two of his co-workers in a workplace explosion in late January.

Southeast Nebraska Medical Reserve Corps, Tri-County Community Emergency Response Team, Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa Medical Reserve Corps, and Hall County Community Emergency Response Team received the Local Heroes Award, which recognized their extraordinary service and leadership in response to the 2019 Nebraska Flooding.

Mike Blue of Scottsbluff and Larry Martin of Gering received the Excellence in Individual Preparedness Award, which honors an individual(s) demonstrating a commitment and dedication to the safety of the public by volunteering, training, and promoting preparedness.

Sarpy County Emergency Management received the Citizen Corps Partner Program of the Year which honors an agency or organization demonstrating a significant commitment to create strong partnerships with other preparedness organizations.

Douglas King, Sr. of Bellevue was recognized with the Citizen Corps Volunteer of the Year Award, recognizing his outstanding commitment to disaster preparedness and response programs, and his dedication to volunteering his time to ensure his community is better prepared in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Lt. Gov. Mike Foley presents the Local Hero Award to Bill Montz of Lincoln as part of the Be Prepared Awards at the State Capitol.

Lt. Gov. Mike Foley presents a Local Heroes Award to the Hall County CERT. Pictured from left, Lynn Guzinski, Aaron, Wordyn, Lt. Gov. Foley, Jacob Weller, Ellie Mora, Jeremy Fanta and Destiny Lucero.

The Medical Reserve Corps of Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa was recognized by Lt. Gov. Mike Foley with a Local Heroes Award at the Be Prepared Awards at the State Capitol. Pictured from left are Linda Jensen, Lt. Gov. Foley, Mary McConnaughey, Jo Sperry, Judy Bencker and Jayne Riesselman.

Tri-County CERT received the Local Heroes Linda Jensen, Lt. Gov. Foley, Carol Clausen, Dale Clausen, Doug King and Mary McConnaughey.

The Medical Reserve Corps of Southeast Nebraska was recognized by Lt. Gov. Mike Foley with a Local Heroes Award. Pictured from left are: Bill Montz, Kevin Rahe, Dennis Schmidt, Cody Meredith, Lt. Gov. Foley, Mari Flanagan, William Kimsey, Janice Jones, Richard Steckly and Ashley Douthit.

Lt. Gov. Mike Foley presented the Be Prepared Partnership Award to Sarpy County Emergency Management Agency. Pictured from left, are: Lynn Marshall, director, Lt. Gov. Foley and deputy director Jesse Eret.

From left, Lt. Gov. Mike Foley presents Douglas King, Sr. of Bellevue with the Citizen Corps Volunteer of the Year Award.