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Technical Hazards

NEMA staff participate in a drill at the Emergency Operations Facility in AuburnNEMA’s Technical Hazards Section (THS) includes Radiological Emergency Preparedness and the State’s Emergency Response Commission.

Priorities of the section include preparations for radiological emergencies. Preparation is necessary for the state’s two nuclear power stations, Copper and Fort Calhoun, and the use of Interstate-80 as a transportation corridor to ship radioactive material and radioactive waste across the state.

Technical Hazards Section also serves as staff support to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) which supervises and coordinates activities of the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) across the state.

Tonya Ngotel Interim Technical Hazards Section Manager and SERC Coordinator 402-471-7176
Julie Bergfield Staff Assistant 402-471-1186
Nazy Chiniforoushan Radiological Emergency Planning and Training Specialist 402-471-7213
Michael Loftis Calibration Officer 402-471-7190
Debra Robinson Radiological Emergency Planning and Training Specialist 402-471-7408

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