REP: Radiological Emergency Preparedness

Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) at NEMA is organized to provide planning, training, development and evaluation of state and local REP programs. REP staff work with federal, state, and local governments, business and industry in the development of radiological emergency capabilities necessary to ensure public safety and protection in the event of a radiological emergency.

REP also develops and implements training and educational programs for citizens as well as organized emergency management, law enforcement, fire departments, and others in preparation for radiological emergencies.

Four of the staff within the Technical Hazards Section oversee the three main areas within the REP unit:

  1. Fixed Facilities: Off-site area planning for the counties which could be affected by an incident at Cooper Nuclear Power Station.
  2. Radiological Transportation: Planning and response preparation for both high and low-level radiological material shipments through Nebraska.
  3. Radiological Systems: Maintenance of radiological instruments and equipment provided to local jurisdictions for radiological emergencies.

Questions concerning the REP program may be addressed to the Technical Hazards Unit Supervisor.

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