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Radiological Training Courses Available

FEMA independent study courses:

  • Radiological Emergency Response (IS-3)
  • Modular Emergency Radiological Response Transportation Training (MERRTT) (IS-302)
  • Radiological Accident Assessment Concepts (IS-303) OPTIONAL
  • Introduction to Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Exercise Evaluation

DOE/FEMA courses are provided by NEMA:

  • Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (MERRTT)

Courses provided by DHS/FEMA/Center for Domestic Preparedness:

  • Radiological Series Train the Trainer
  • Radiological Emergency Response Operations
  • Advanced Radiological Incident Response Operations
  • Radiological Emergency Preparedness Exercise Evaluation Course
  • Radiological Emergency Preparedness Planning Course (E340)
  • Radiological Accident Assessment-Concepts (E341)

The NEMA presented courses are provided upon request.