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Radiation Dose Limits

EPA Protective Action Guidelines

Dose Limit REM (TEDE)*





To the extent practicable, and where highest dose is not specifically justified.


Protect Valuable Property

Lower dose not practicable


Life Saving or Protection of Large Populations

Lower dose not practicable


Life Saving or Protection of Large Populations

Only on a voluntary basis to persons fully aware of the risks involved.

*Sum of external effective dose equivalent and committed dose equivalent to non-pregnant adults from exposure and intake during an emergency situation. Workers performing services during emergencies should limit dose to the lens of the eye to three times the listed value and dose to any other organ (including skin and body extremities) to ten times the listed value. These limits apply to all doses received from an incident, except those received in unrestricted areas as members of the public during the intermediate phase of the incident.

Nebraska Allowable Exposures for Emergency Workers in the Event of  Nuclear Power Plant Incidents

Dosimeter Limits


500 mR

Call supervisor for further instructions. Dosimeter reading up to and including 500 mR allowed for emergency Worker assignments.

1 R

Turn-back dose for Emergency Workers with no means of communication with supervisor. Dose allowed for assignments involving protection of valuable property.

2.5 R

Dose allowed for assignments involving LIFESAVING protection of large populations.

mR - milliroentgen

R - Roentgen

1000 mR = 1 R