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IPX 2020

Technical Assistance (TA) Training

Technical Assistance (TA) training is being offered to all state departments and agencies in preparation for the 2020 Ingestion Pathway Exercise (IPX). The TA training is based on a “building-block” approach where topics and information will be expanded or additional depth and details provided based on each month’s topic. The key learning elements from each preceding month will then be incorporated into the Game Day Training as a means to review and test your knowledge. The computer-based interactive games will appear on this page. Other “physical" or "old school” game formats will only have the development files available here for review. Please feel free to download this information or come back and review it as often as you would like. We also ask that you please share it with anyone from your department or agency who may serve as an Emergency Support Function (ESF) representative in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) for a radiological or other all-hazards response.


Game Day Interactive Training


January 2019 Game Day

All the questions and answers to the Match Game Plus game day can be reviewed from the PDF.

January IPX Match Game


February 2019 Game Day

How to play "Nuclear REPardy"

  1. Open the file and click the “Enable content for this session” radio dial button. This is needed for the interactive format.
  2. After the game opens click on the “Game” button on your screen.
  3. Listen to the welcome and how to play instructions or the printed information here.
  4. Click “Continue” to proceed to the “Game Board”. Then simply select a category and value to begin the game.
  5. You will see the “answer” on your screen and there is an audio narration for the slide. You can either let the audio file continue to play to hear the response automatically OR click on the “Answer” button TWICE to see the question on your screen and hear the audio file associated with it.
  6. If you want to learn more about the key learning point for that slide, click the “Information” button on your screen and it will take you to another slide that provides you with additional information on the topic.
  7. To return to the game board, click the “Home” button and repeat until you have played through the entire board.
  8. There are 2 rounds to Nuclear REPardy. After you complete Round 2, simply use your “esc” button to exit the first program and open Round 2 to play through that game board.
  9. After you clear the board for Round 2, you return to the game board and select the “Final Round” button at the bottom right of the screen to get to the Final REPardy question.
  10. The answer for the FINAL REPardy question will appear and play automatically.

Nuclear REPardy Round 1
Nuclear REPardy Round 2


February Technical Assistance Training Video



March 2019 Training Materials

March Training Materials
March DHHS Presentation


March 2019 Game Day

Wheel of Wealth Game Instructions
Wheel of Wealth Round 1
Wheel of Wealth Round 2


Technical Assistance Training Resources