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Nebraska State Hazard Mitigation Program

Funding Opportunity

Notice of Interest for funding under DR-4420 closes at 5:00PM July 1st, 2019.Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

All Notice of Interests received after that point will be saved for consideration under future funding opportunities.

Funding Notice

On March 21, 2019, Federal Disaster Declaration DR-4420-NE opened Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funding statewide. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding is available for hazard mitigation plan updates and projects for all eligible sub-applicants. Eligible sub-applicants include state agencies; county and city governments; public power districts; certain 501C nonprofit organizations; and tribal governments who have full participated in a local hazard mitigation plan. For private citizens interested in a mitigation project such as a residential safe room, contact your local emergency manager to discuss opportunities in your area.

Projects can include but not limited to:

  • Community Safe Rooms
  • Residential Safe Rooms
  • Acquisition, relocation, or elevation of buildings in a flood hazard area
  • Structural and non-structural retrofitting of facilities
  • Localized flood reduction/control
  • Updating of Hazard Mitigation Plans

To seeking funding, complete a Notice of Interest (NOI) form to NEMA. NOIs will be review and prioritized for funding.

Notice of Interest

For questions or to submit a Notice of Interest, email nema.hazardmitigation@nebraska.gov



State Hazard Mitigation Program

The purpose of the Nebraska State Hazard Mitigation Plan is to provide comprehensive guidelines for hazard mitigation actions within the state. This plan identifies potential risks with appropriate mitigation strategies to significantly reduce loss of life, injuries, economic costs and destruction of natural, cultural and manmade resources. The current state HMP has been adopted by the Governor and approvd by FEMA, this mitigation plan is posted below for easy access by the public and local emergency response agencies. The Nebraska State Hazard Mitigation plan is a living document, and will be rewritten by state officials every five years.


Safe Rooom Example            Floodplain schematic