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Severe Weather Awareness Week Poster Contest Winners Announced

March 15, 2021 (LINCOLN, NEB.)  —  Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation declaring March 21-27 as Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness Week, a time to remind Nebraskans that community preparedness can minimize the dangers of the annual severe weather season to the lives and property of Nebraskans. In addition, NEMA Assistant Director Bryan Tuma has announced the winners of the annual Severe Weather Awareness Contest. The winning and honorable mention posters will be featured in NEMA’s 2022 Severe Weather Awareness Calendar.

First Place:

“The BASEMENT is the place to go when the wind is swirling out of Control!”

Sarah Kuchta, 9, Wayne Elementary School, Wayne, Wayne County

Second Place

“When my winds blow you better go!!!”

Julia McNamara, 8, Bellevue Elementary School, Bellevue, Sarpy County

Third Place

“If there is HAIL You better BAIL”

Ryker Hasenhover, 9, Jefferson Elementary School, North Platte, Lincoln County

Fourth Place

“Tornado Preparedness: Go to basement away from windows. Get the Emergency Tornado Box”

Gabrealla Diane Gronewold, 9, home school, Gothenburg, Dawson County

Honorable Mention

Julie Rianne F. Basa, 9, Bridgeport Public School, Bridgeport, Morrill County

Olivia Clark, 9, Seward Elementary, Seward, Seward County

Karis Crosmer, 8, Seward Elementary School, Seward, Seward County

Sloane Hagerman, 9 Centura Public School, Cairo, Howard County

Nick Kearney, 9, Lourdes Central Catholic, Nebraska City, Otoe County

Kysen Kopecky, 9, Malcolm Public Schools, Malcolm, Lancaster County

Brantly Larsen, 9, Verdigre Public School, Verdigre, Knox County

Desmond Mata, 9, Jefferson Elementary School, North Platte, Lincoln County

Isla Noda, 9, Springfield Elementary School, Springfield, Sarpy County

Harper Zutavern, 8, Sandhills Public School, Halsey, Thomas County


“We want all Nebraskans to take some time during Severe Weather Awareness Week to prepare for spring and summer severe weather,” Tuma said. “The devastating impacts of extreme events can be reduced through improved readiness. Make a safety plan, create a preparedness kit and review proper safety precautions. It’s just a good practice for those of us who live in areas affected by tornadoes, floods and severe thunderstorms.”


For more information on severe weather awareness, or preparing for severe weather, visit: