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About NEMA

State Emergency Operations CenterThe Nebraska Emergency Management Agency is charged by state statute to reduce the vulnerabilities of the people and communities of Nebraska from the damage, injury and loss of life and property resulting from natural, technological or man-made disasters and emergencies.

Emergency Management Act

Our Vision

A resilient Nebraska built upon inclusive collaboration and communication

Our Mission

Provide and foster leadership through guidance and support to Nebraskans before, during, and after disasters.

Values and Goals

Equity – Emphasizing an inclusive, whole community approach to emergency management in all disaster phases
Strategic Goal: Reduce Nebraska’s vulnerability by maintaining an emergency management system focused on the whole community.
Timeliness – Being responsive, communicative, and adaptable in all activities.
Strategic Goal: Increase NEMA’s responsiveness through continuous process improvement in a competent emergency management system.
Professionalism – Cultivating and sustaining meaningful, productive partnerships with Nebraska’s communities and emergency managers statewide.
Strategic Goal: Continue to develop and improve the professionalism of emergency management personnel.
Efficiency – Maximizing a cost-effective, focused, prepared, and productive approach to the Mission.
Strategic Goal: Strengthen a resourceful emergency management system.