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NEMA Training Program

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency’s training program is designed to enhance performance capabilities of all emergency management and disaster services team members in both the public and private sectors. This training can benefit policymakers (elected and appointed officials, business and industry leaders), managers at all levels and responders (team leaders and first responders in both the public and private sectors).

The training courses offered support the State’s Emergency Management Certification Programs and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Professional Development Series. Working side-by-side, NEMA's training, planning and exercise staff provide training programs that enable jurisdictions across Nebraska to deal and cope with disaster by preparing in advance and using the skills learned to build local teams and coalitions that will respond to emergencies.

Jurisdictions seeking Emergency Management Training delivered by NEMA or a contractor delivered training that requires a certificate issued by NEMA will need to complete the Training Request Form located in the menu on the right side of this webpage.

Additionally ANY NIMS All Hazards Position Specific Courses being delivered within the state, will require the completion of that form also located in the menu on the right side of this webpage.

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