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Nebraska VOAD

Cooperation, Coordination, Communication, Collaboration

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to bring together Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD ) services to foster more effective response to the people of Nebraska in times of disaster through:

  • Cooperation (creating a climate for cooperation, information, and meeting together)
  • Coordination (fostering a common understanding and providing a liaison with public offices)
  • Communication (publishing and disseminating information)
  • Convening Mechanisms (arranging meetings, conferences, and training as necessary)
  • Legislation (encouraging effective disaster relief legislation and policy)
  • This cooperative effort has proven to be the most effective way for a wide variety of volunteers and organizations to work together in a crisis.

Membership: Nebraska VOAD is not intended to be a competing agency, but an umbrella organization of existing voluntary agencies. Each member organization maintains its own identity and independence, yet works closely with other agencies to improve service and eliminate unnecessary duplication of efforts in times of disaster.

Organizations eligible for membership are those with not-for-profit structures. Interested governmental agencies--both state and local--are welcome.