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Interoperable Communications

Wireless Communications/Interoperability

IPAWS system, please contact Troy Harris at NEMA at 402-471-7417.


TicP's - Tactical Interoperable Communications Plans.  These Regionally based plans are used to share communications information, frequencies and channels.  Mutual aid across counties, districts and even rivers can be an advantage for all first responders.

NIFOG - Use this tool for a complete listing of the National Frequencies.



Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Screening Form

Many projects being funded by any of the Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) or the suite of State Homeland Security Grant Program dollars are required to have an environmental review completed by FEMA/DHS before you can move forward with the project. A good indicator of the need for a environmental review can be obtained from FEMA Preparedness Grants Authorized Equipment List (AEL). Once you select an AEL item and drill down on it a “Green Screen” similar to the one below will appear for those items and activities needing a review. To accomplish that review project managers/jurisdictional representatives are required to complete the EHP Screening Form (below) and submit it electronically to Logan Lueking at NEMA. Upon completion of the process, if approved, you will receive a document stating such via email. Forms that are not completed properly or completely will be returned for additional information. The reviewers have been particularly interested in with the inclusion of FIRM maps, ground level and aerial photos of the affected sites, etc. If you have questions on the form, the process or the need to review please contact Logan Lueking at 402.471.7427.

* Certain products in this category have been identified as requiring an Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) review. This does not apply to mobile and portable equipment, however all other items must be submitted for review. Please contact your assigned GPD Program Analyst or the Centralized Scheduling and Information Desk (CSID) at 1-800-368-6498 for further information.

Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) Screening Form