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Public Information

The Public Information Officer (PIO) serves as the primary media contact for Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. The PIO is responsible for producing news releases and public information materials including the agency’s online newsletter The Beacon.

The PIO is also the public information representative to the state's nuclear power plant and is the lead PIO during exercises and drills as well as in the event of an incident at one of the facilities.

The NEMA PIO serves as the lead PIO at the state’s Joint Information Center (JIC). The JIC is opened when an incident in the state warrants a joint communication response.  Public information professionals from a wide variety of agencies and jurisdictions collocate to provide a single integrated source of information in the event of a major incident. The JIC is part of the National Incident Management System.

The NEMA PIO is certified as a Master PIO and a Type III Incident Management Team PIO.

Public Information Officer

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