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L-954 All Hazards Safety Officer

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 8:30 am to Friday, February 1, 2019 - 5:00 pm
East Central District Health Department 4321 41st Avenue Columbus, NE 68601
Register by: Noon on January 24, 2019 Register with: Michelle Evert Phone: 402-352-7958 Email: mevert@colfaxne.com

Course Description:
• Demonstrate, through exercises and a final exam, an understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and capabilities of an effective Safety Officer on an All- Hazards Incident Management Team
• Identify the course objective and position-specific resource materials for the position of Safety Officer
• Describe the roles and responsibilities of the Safety Officer in assuming the position and creating an attitude of safety on an incident
• Identify the information that the Safety Officer must obtain when beginning work on an incident and potential source for obtaining that information
• Understand the distinction between a hazard and a safety risk, and identify situations and actions that are of high importance to the Safety Officer
• Describe several techniques that can be used to prioritize hazards for mitigation, as well as several types of mitigation and accident prevention
• Understand the purpose, components, and use of ICS Form 215A - Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis
• Understand and complete the ICS Form 208 HM - Site Safety and Control Plan
• Use multiple methods of communicating safety risks and mitigations through the Incident Safety Plan, Assistant Safety Officers, Safety Messages, and briefings
• Discuss the Safety Officer’s interactions with the Logistics Section (and its various sub-units) to ensure that personnel needs are safely met
• Identify unsafe actions and situations potentially undertaken by incident personnel while working on the incident, how to prevent those safety risks, and how to stop unsafe operations
• Describe the Safety Officer’s responsibility in dealing with accidents and special situations on an incident
• Describe the Safety Officer’s role in ensuring safety and disbanding the Safety Unit during incident demobilization and closeout
• IS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System
• IS 200 – ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents
• ICS 300 – Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
• ICS 400 – Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff
• IS 700 – National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction
• IS 800 – National Response Framework, An Introduction


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