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AWR-351 REP Post Plume Awareness Course - FEMA

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 9:00 am to Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 2:00 pm
Virtual Led Training
Scott Hallett scott.hallett@fema.dhs.gov James Rashilla james.rashilla@nebraska.gov (402) 471-7420

The Purpose of this Course

The FEMA/NPD/THD/Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program has developed an instructor-led course that will help Federal, State, tribal and local emergency managers and planners more effectively meet the challenges presented to the emergency responder community during a radiological incident at an NRC-licensed commercial nuclear power plant (NPP).


The main purpose for this awareness-level AWR-351 REP Post-Plume Awareness Course (RPPA) is to provide a precise training track which focuses on the unique considerations of the 50-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ), Offsite Response Organizations (OROs) responsible for addressing the implementation of precautionary measures and protective actions relating to “exposure” and “ingestion” interventions during the Post-Plume (Intermediate) phase of a radiological incident from a NRC-licensed commercial nuclear power plant (NPP).

The instructional delivery is designed to create a collaborative training environment, support discussions on the vertical and horizontal integration of emergency operation plans and implementation procedures between neighboring OROs and governmental authorities and provide best-practices and lessons-learned solutions to emergency planning.


The primary target audience is the REP offsite response organizations (OROs) within the 10 to 50-mile EPZ who usually do not write their own plans but rely on State agency plans to identify procedures and capabilities to be implemented during a radiological incident that affects their jurisdiction.

A secondary target audience is Federal, State, local, utility, and tribal emergency managers and planners responsible for emergency operations plans and implementation procedures concerning ingestion protective actions response capabilities within the 0 to 50-mile ingestion exposure pathway EPZ.

Other beneficial parties: personnel from supporting agencies involved in response to a radiological incident at an NRC-licensed commercial NPP.


 Register, https://preptoolkit.fema.gov/documents/3667571/3674766/21N-0526+RPPA%28v%29+National_CrsAnnc+%28Jan.+12-13%29.pdf/b072c613-0a5b-20ce-4a89-f97f9b1ffe87?t=1604755737237


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